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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

National Insurance

For information about your UK National Insurance (NI) contributions while abroad you can contact the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). HMRC can tell you if you have to pay NI contributions for periods you have worked or will work outside of the UK.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

The centre can:

  • provide a statement of how much NI contributions you have already paid
  • tell you if you have to pay UK NI contributions for any period that you have worked, or will work, outside the UK as either an employee or a self-employed person
  • give you basic information about health care if you are moving or travelling outside the UK
  • send you a Basic State Pension Forecast as long as you are not within four months of UK State Pension age

You can find out more information about your NI contributions from the HMRC's helpline or from its website - details for both are below.

If your circumstances have changed while abroad

Please contact HMRC quoting your National Insurance number and inform what change has occurred and when it happened.

For example, if living abroad and you are a woman, you should tell HMRC if you get married or become divorced or widowed.

If you move house while abroad, you need to tell HMRC when you move and where you moved to. If you do not inform when you move, HMRC will not be able to keep your records up to date. This means you cannot be contacted if your tax-year National Insurance contributions are not enough to count for benefit purposes.

HMRC would normally write to let you know how much you could pay in voluntary National Insurance contributions to make that year count. When you are nearing State Pension age, HMRC invite you to claim any basic State Pension you are entitled to. HMRC cannot do this if your current address is not up to date.

You can find out more information about your NI contributions from the HMRC's helpline or from its website - details for both are below.

Contact HMRC Charities, Assets and Residence (Residency)

HMRC Residency helpline (formerly the Centre for Non-Residents)

Calling from the UK:

Tel: 0845 9154811

Fax: 0845 9157800

Calls are charged at BT local rate.

Calling from outside the UK:

Dial the international code then:

Tel: 44 191 203 7010

Fax: 44 191 225 7800

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