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Tuesday, 2 October 2023

Returning to work

If you are caring for someone, you might feel that you can't work because of your caring role. However, there is help on offer if you do decide you want to get into paid employment

Options for returning to work

If you want to get into paid employment, you might want to:

  • return to work when a period of caring has come to an end
  • return, or start working, while still caring for someone

If you've been caring for someone for a while, you may find it difficult to return to paid employment. You may have lost a bit of confidence and feel out of touch with the world of work.

However, as a carer you will have learnt new skills that may benefit many potential employers. Some employers actively recruit carers who gave up work but now wish to return.

Think about any additional costs you may need to pay if you are going into paid employment, for example, more help at home.

Ways into employment

If you are not employed you could talk to:

  • others who have been in a similar position
  • organisations that can give advice
  • an employment advisor at your local Jobcentre Plus office

Let them know that you are either currently caring for someone, or you are no longer looking after someone. They can help ease you back into employment and can also give advice on training opportunities.

If you are thinking about applying for a job, it's worth checking your potential employer's policy on carers. Also ask about flexible working opportunities.

Effect on benefits

Going back to work may have an impact on any entitlements and benefits you receive as a carer. The amount of hours you do, how much you earn and your savings will be taken into consideration. There's more information in the money, tax and benefits section.

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