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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

A-Z of Local Directgov services

Whether you are looking to apply for an allotment, find out about local election results or pay your parking fine online, you can connect to your local authority with this comprehensive A-Z of Local Directgov services. Please note this service is for England only.

What is Local Directgov?

Local Directgov was created to help users of the Directgov site recognise, identify and interact with their local authorities. You will be taken to the most relevant page on your local authority website via links on pages throughout Directgov. You can also access these services via the A-Z, linked to from this page.

How to use the service

Once you have clicked on the link below and accessed the A-Z, you can select the relevant service you are looking for.

You will be presented with a Local Directgov page asking you to provide either your postcode, the name of your local authority or your street / town name. Alternatively, you can use a map to find your local authority.

If your local authority provides the service online, you will be presented with a link taking you to the relevant transaction page on their website. If they do not provide the service online, you will be presented with a link taking you to a page on their site providing contact details or relevant information.

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