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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Travel and holiday contacts

Organisations and charities that offer advice and information to disabled people about travel and holidays

3H Fund

3H Fund organises subsidised group holidays for physically disabled people accompanied by volunteer carers, giving the disabled person a chance to have a unique and enjoyable experience, and providing a break from the routine of caring for the carer or family of that person.


Break is a charity that supports children, adults and families with special care needs. This includes supported holidays, short breaks, respite care and day care support.

Calvert Trust

The Calvert Trust offers accessible outdoor activity breaks and courses for people with disabilities, together with their friends and families.

Disaway Trust

The Disaway Trust organises group holidays with physically disabled people, visiting the actual venues beforehand to ensure suitability and accessibility throughout the holiday.

Handicapped Aid Trust

The Handicapped Aid Trust gives grants towards the cost of helpers to assist disabled people on holiday, and towards the cost of holidays and helpers to give carers a break.

Holidays for All

Holidays for All is a group of UK disability charities and specialist tour companies. They are working together to promote quality, accessible holiday breaks providing improved choice and flexibility for holidaymakers.

Livability Holidays

Livability is a charity that provides holidays in adapted accommodation in hotels and self-catering accommodation in the UK.

Phab England

Phab England is a charity promoting the coming together of people with and without physical disabilities. This includes organising residential weeks and short stays for disabled and non-disabled young people at fully accessible activity centres.

RADAR National Key Scheme (NKS)

RADAR's National Key Scheme (NKS) offers independent access to disabled people to around 7,000 locked public toilets around the country. Keys can be bought from RADAR at a small non-profit charge.

Tourism for All UK

Tourism for All UK is a national charity which provides information to people with disabilities and older people about accessible accommodation and other tourism services.


VisitEngland is the national tourist board of England. It provides travel and tourism information for people with physical and sensory needs.


Vitalise is a national charity providing short breaks, respite care and other essential services for visually impaired and other disabled people and for carers.

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