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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

The Learner Panel: give your views on learning

If you’re aged 14 or over and are in education, adult learning or work-based training, you can join The Learner Panel. Panel members give their views on education and training via online surveys. Find out how the panel works and how you can join.

What is The Learner Panel?

The Learner Panel is made up of a group of around 10,000 people who are in some form of learning or training. Learner Panel members agree to take part in online surveys to give their opinions on education and training.

The government use the information collected to help improve education and training.

Members of the panel have been recently asked about:

  • university tuition fees
  • science education
  • Ofsted inspections and how they affect students
  • whether everyone has equal access to learning

The following government agencies and departments conduct research through the panel:

  • Young People’s Learning Agency
  • Skills Funding Agency
  • Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Who can join The Learner Panel?

You can join the panel if you are aged 14 and over and in education or training.

Members include most types of learners, including those doing academic, work-based and leisure courses, except higher education students.

Visit The Learner Panel website to find out how to join.

How The Learner Panel works

If you join the panel, you’ll be sent emails inviting you to take part in short online surveys relevant to your situation. Most surveys take around 10 minutes to complete.

For each survey you complete you’ll be sent a high street gift voucher as a thank you. The vouchers are usually between £1 to £2 depending on the length of the survey.

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