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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Get facts and figures on universities, colleges and courses

Before making a final decision on your application, it’s worth checking information on universities, colleges and courses from independent and objective sources. These include the Unistats website and reports from the QAA.

Comparing courses: Unistats

Compare courses

See what students thought of their course, and what job they got afterwards

The ‘best’ course for one student might not necessarily be the ‘best’ for another: people have different priorities. But you can use the Unistats website to compare facts and figures on institutions and courses. You’ll find information on:

  • course completion
  • student achievement
  • graduate employment
  • student population (including the percentages of mature, part-time and overseas students)
  • students’ qualifications on entry

You’ll also find details of students’ views on teaching quality, academic support and more from the National Student Survey.

There aren’t any official UK league tables for universities and colleges, though many newspapers produce their own, unofficial tables.

Checking course quality

Universities and colleges are responsible for the standards and quality of the courses they offer. This is internal quality assurance.

However, the Quality Assurance Agency for higher education (QAA) also checks to see how well institutions uphold these standards, providing external quality assurance. The QAA produces reviews and reports which highlight areas of good practice and make recommendations for action. It also provides guidance on the reliability of the information on standards and quality published by each university or college.

Course accreditation from professional bodies

Some professions approve or accredit related courses. If you're looking to pursue a career in a particular area, check your course is one of those approved by the relevant professional body. Every institution should be able to give you this information.

Other sources of information on universities, colleges and courses

Choosing where to go and what to study is an important decision, so it’s worth getting together as much information as you can. Follow the links below for details on further sources of information.

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