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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Planning your job hunting

To find the job you want you need to look at your skills and the type of job you want to do. You then need to plan how you will go about looking for it.

What you have to offer

Start by asking yourself honestly what skills and experience you have. Think about the skills you have developed in the jobs you have had before, and in your life outside of work.

Employment skills and experience

Ask yourself the following questions to think about skills you have developed, including those built up in jobs you have had before:

  • did you develop any skills that will be useful in the job you're looking for?
  • have you worked as part of a team?
  • did you need to share information with others?
  • did you follow or give instructions well?
  • are you a good timekeeper?
  • do you have IT skills?
  • did you get any qualifications?
  • were you praised for any part of your role?

Personal and social skills

Ask yourself the following questions about life outside work:

  • do you get on well with people?
  • are you on a local committee or a member of a community organisation?
  • are you part of a team, (for example, a sports or quiz team)?
  • do you have skills from caring for your family, (for example, organisational skills)?
  • have you done any voluntary work?
  • have you been to any evening classes or training?

Where to look for jobs

There are a number of ways you can search for jobs:

  • through Jobcentre Plus
  • through newspapers
  • on the internet
  • by registering with recruitment agencies
  • in trade journals
  • through friends and other people you know

To find out more about where to look for jobs, follow the link below.

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