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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Jobcentre Plus local events

Jobcentre Plus arranges job fairs and advice events where you can talk to employers about the jobs they might have. You can also find information and advice to help you get back to work. Find out about the events happening in your area.

Find a Jobcentre Plus local event

Use the following link to download a diary of Jobcentre Plus local events.

Jobcentre Plus local events - what they are

Jobcentre Plus local events are either run by Jobcentre Plus or in partnership with other organisations. The events take place in Jobcentre Plus offices or other locations, like libraries or community centres.

Local events can help if you are:

  • searching for a job
  • looking for advice about getting back to work or training
  • considering a career change
  • looking for advice about benefits

Some local events are called job fairs. At a job fair you can:

  • talk to employers about the opportunities they have available
  • pick up application forms

Anyone can attend a local event, you do not have to be unemployed to visit one.

Jobcentre Plus has provided as much information about each local event as possible. The information is correct at the time of publishing. However, you may want to speak to the contact listed for each local event for more information and final details.

Other ways to search for a job

Local events are a good way to find work but there are a number of other ways you can search for a job. You can find advice on the different ways to search for a job by using the following link.

You can also search for a job online.

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