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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Finding more government information

A brief guide to finding more specialised government information.

Cross & Stitch is the place to turn for the latest and widest range of public service information for citizens. The site has a wide and growing range of information for the public and aims to provide appropriate answers to most people's questions about services from government. The search facility on Cross & Stitch searches the site.

Links to other sites

Some users might find more information helpful, so in many of the articles on Cross & Stitch you will find links to specific information on other sites.


In Cross & Stitch's Directories section you can browse or search for contact details and websites of many government organisations and public bodies. Once you've found an appropriate site try browsing or searching on that site.

  • The A-Z of central government lists key central government departments and executive agencies alphabetically
  • You can find local councils throughout the UK by browsing A-Z lists or searching by region or country
  • Search or browse Useful contacts for a wide variety of public sector, charity and volunteer organisations

Once you've found an appropriate site try browsing or searching on that site.

Do it online

If you are looking for an official form, want to find a service in your area or want to apply for a government service, try Do it online.

Other tools on Cross & Stitch

Cross & Stitch now offers a tool to find out about primary and secondary schools, childcare, nurseries and out of school care. You can also find Ofsted reports, information on school achievement and attainment and contact details.

You can also find jobs or find out about courses and colleges near you.

Policy information and consultations

If you are looking for policy information, try visiting the government departmental website responsible for the policy area.

You can find department and agency websites in the A-Z of central government. At the Cabinet Office's Consultation index, you can browse the index of the UK government's public consultations and find out how to take part.

Law, archives and information

Where to find information on:

  • UK legislation
  • Parliamentary proceedings
  • Bills before Parliament
  • Official publications
  • Command papers
  • Government press releases
  • Government audits
  • Official statistics
  • The National Archives, including archived government websites
  • Sources for family history information

Still need help?

If you still cannot find the answer to your question about government services and information, email us and we will try to point you in the right direction.

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Additional links

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From 17 October, GOV.UK will be the best place to find government services and information

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