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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Updating childcare, family services or Sure Start Children's Centres information

Information about childcare and family services is taken from the Family Information Directory (FIDy), which is provided by Local Authorities (LAs). The Sure Start Children's Centre tool is a separate service with data also supplied by LAs.

How to update childcare and family services information

Details of childcare services are collected and published by your LA. They use a combination of information from Ofsted and specific local information like current vacancies.

Basic information on your service like provider name, address, telephone number, fax, email, contact person, type of childcare and registration details is provided by Ofsted. These details cannot be amended by the LA Family Information Service (FIS).

If there are any errors in your basic information, please contact Ofsted on 0300 123 1231 to get it updated.
Supplementary information like the description of your service, vacancies, additional qualification information and special provisions is added by the LA and can be amended by them. If your supplementary information is incorrect, please call 0800 2346 346 to be put through to your local FIS.

How to update information about a Sure Start Children's Centre

Children's Centres can send amendments to information appearing on these pages to their Local Authority (LA).

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