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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Driver CPC: your Driver Qualification Card (DQC)

When you pass your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC), you'll get a Driver Qualification Card (DQC). Find out more about the DQC, including when you'll get it, and how to apply for a replacement if you need one.

When you will get your DQC

You will get a DQC automatically when you pass the Driver CPC initial qualification. It will be sent to the address on your driving licence. So, make sure that your details are up to date with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

If you have Driver CPC by 'acquired rights'

If you have Driver CPC by 'acquired rights' you can use your vocational driving licence as proof of your Driver CPC until:

  • 9 September 2023 for bus or coach drivers
  • 9 September 2023 for lorry drivers

By then, you will have done your first 35 hours of periodic training. Your training centre will load details of your training onto the Driver CPC database.

If you have a photocard licence

You will get a DQC when you have completed your periodic training if you have a Great Britain (GB) photocard licence. It will be sent to the address on your driving licence.

If you have a paper licence

If you have a paper licence you will need to swap it for a photocard licence in order to get your DQC. This is because the DQC needs a photograph and signature, which are taken from the photocard record.

Carrying your DQC with you

Your DQC

You must always carry your DQC while driving professionally

You must always carry proof of your Driver CPC while driving professionally. If you drive professionally and don't have your DQC with you, you will be liable for penalties.

Proof if you have 'acquired rights'

If you have 'acquired rights' the proof of your Driver CPC is your driving licence. However, you don't have to carry your driving licence with you.

If you are asked, you must show it at a later date as proof of your 'acquired rights'. This might mean showing it to a police officer at a police station.

Where you must carry your DQC

Driver CPC is enforced in all European Union (EU) member states. If you are driving professionally in another EU country, you must still have a valid Driver CPC, and carry your DQC.

If your DQC is lost, stolen or damaged

Applying for a replacement

You will need:

  • to tell DSA your contact details
  • a credit or debit card

If your DQC has been lost, stolen or damaged, you must report it to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) at once.

Applying for a replacement DQC

You can apply for a replacement card by:

  • sending an email with 'DQC enquiry' as the subject to
  • sending a letter to: Driver CPC Enquiries, PO Box 280, Newcastle, NE99 1FP

You will need to tell DSA your:

  • name
  • driving licence number
  • address
  • telephone number

DSA will then arrange for someone to phone you back to progress your application.

There is a fee to replace and issue new cards. You will need to have a credit or debit card to pay this. Use this link to view DQC fees on the Business Link website.

Waiting for a replacement

You can still drive professionally while you wait for a replacement DQC to arrive

Driving while waiting for your replacement DQC

You can still drive professionally while you wait for your new DQC to arrive.

If it doesn't arrive within 15 days of applying, contact DSA to confirm they have your application and that it's being processed.

You should keep a copy of letters and get proof of posting them when you contact DSA. Proof of posting is free of charge for letters posted at a Post Office.

DSA recommends that you tell your employer if your card has been lost or stolen.

Non UK, EU and third country licence holders within Driver CPC

If you are a driver from a non-UK, EU member state or third country and need to exchange your licence, you can also find out more about applying for a DQC in the UK.

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