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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Nannies - qualifications and skills

Most agencies and families looking to employ a nanny should expect them to have a childcare qualification although this isn’t a legal requirement. On this page you will find a guide to the qualifications and skills you can expect a good nanny to have.

Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education (CACHE)

CACHE is the officially recognised Awarding Body for Early Years, Care and Education, and Playwork. Relevant qualifications awarded by CACHE include:

  • Certificate or Diploma in Childcare and Education (this covers working with children under eight, including those with special needs)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Home-based Childcare (created with the National Childminding Association, this course gives nannies the skills to develop children from birth to 16)
  • BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in Early Years (this course covers good practice in a range of childcare settings)

The General Childcare Register

The General Childcare Register (GCR), administered by Ofsted, is made up of two parts - a compulsory and a voluntary part. Nannies are not required to join the compulsory part, but can join the voluntary part of this register (vGCR), which started in April 2007.

Nannies registered on the voluntary part of the General Childcare Register will need to meet certain requirements, like holding an appropriate first aid qualification. They must also have training in common skills, like communication with children, young people and families, and they must have public liability insurance.

For a more detailed list of the skills nannies need to have before registering with the voluntary part of the General Childcare Register, click on the link below.

Other things to look for

A good nanny should:

  • be able to plan and arrange safe, fun learning opportunities
  • know how to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks
  • have first aid training
  • have driving experience if required
  • show good organisational skills
  • have an interest in children as individuals, and a confident and positive personality
  • have experience of working with children of various ages, in a variety of different settings

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