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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Victims of crime abroad

If you are a victim of crime while travelling overseas, the British Consul in that country can provide help and support - whatever the crime. Find out what consuls can and cannot do for you.

What consuls can do

Consuls can:

  • contact your relatives and friends and let them know what has happened if that is what you want
  • ask friends and relatives to help you with money or tickets
  • tell you how to transfer funds
  • help you get in touch with local English-speaking lawyers, interpreters and doctors
  • at most posts (but only in a genuine emergency), advance up to £100 in local currency against a sterling cheque supported by a valid cheque guarantee card
  • as a last resort and only provided certain strict criteria are met, make a repayable loan to return you to the UK

What consuls cannot do

Consuls cannot:

  • investigate a crime or give legal advice
  • pay your hotel, legal, medical or travel costs
  • get better treatment for you in hospital than is provided for local nationals
  • intervene in court cases

The single European emergency number – 112

Anyone can now call local emergency services anywhere in the European Union using the number 112. There is no need to remember different emergency numbers when travelling in the EU. Just remember 112. In some EU countries 112 has become the main emergency number but in most countries it operates alongside other national emergency numbers.

Help in the UK

If you've been the victim of a crime overseas or someone you know has suffered a violent death, help is available in the UK. For support and advice, contact your local doctor or the organisations listed below.

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