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Tuesday, 2 October 2023


Get tips on surviving school, finding the right qualifications, revision, passing those all-important exams and getting into college or university. This section has all the information you need to get the best out of your education.

Choices at 14 to 19

There are lots of decisions you will have to make about your education once you reach 14.

It's not just about what subjects to take for your GCSEs; you can also choose from a range of different qualifications, including the new Diplomas.

Find out all you should know about the different courses, qualifications and career paths available, as well as where to find help near you.

Find qualifications and courses near you

Once you’ve chosen the options that you would like to study, you need to find out whether they're available close to your home.

By taking a look at your local 14-19 prospectus, you can find out what’s on offer near you.

Students living in or moving to Germany or Cyprus with the Armed Forces can find out about learning opportunities through Service Children's Education.

Going to university or college

Are you planning on going into further or higher education once you finish school? Here's some information on what life could be like if you decide to go for it.

Study skills

Studying doesn't have to be a nightmare. Find out more about how to organise your time and study more effectively.

Extracurricular activities

School isn't just about learning in the classroom, there are lots of clubs you can join or activities you can take part in when classes are over. Find out what might be available to you at school after hours.

Go green

The issue of climate change is becoming ever more important. Take a look at some ideas on how you can do your bit for the environment at school.

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Careers Advisers are here to help

If you're aged 13-19 you can contact a Careers Adviser for information, advice and support on a range of issues affecting young people

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