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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Financial help for young people in education or training

Whether you go into full-time education or work-based learning, you can get financial help with the cost of your studies. This could include help with transport and childcare costs.

Financial help with learning

Whether you decide to stay on in full-time education or learn through work, there is financial help available. The type of help you can receive - and how much money you’re entitled to - will depend on your personal circumstances.

Financial help if you are learning through work

If you’re learning through work, you may be entitled to some of the help described on this page.

On top on this, there are specific types of financial help available to young people who are learning and working at the same time.

To find out more, see ‘Skills for work if you’re under 19’.

Education Maintenance Allowance

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) has now closed to new applicants. No new applications are being accepted for the scheme.

If you are already receiving EMA, you will continue to receive it for this academic year if you fulfil the terms of your EMA agreement.

Help with childcare costs

If you're under 20 and have children, you could get help with childcare costs through the Care to Learn scheme. You can apply whether you're in school sixth form, college or on a work-based learning programme.

Help with transport costs

Do you use public transport to get to and from your school sixth form, college or a further education institution? If you do, you may be able to get help with your travel costs from your local authority.

You may also get help if you're on an Entry to Employment programme or on a course that leads to an Apprenticeship. Speak to your learning provider to find out whether they can offer you any help with your transport costs.

Help if you're studying away from home

You could be entitled to extra help with your costs if you want to attend:

  • one of the 51 Specialist Residential Colleges or Centres, which mainly offer courses in agriculture, horticulture and art and design
  • specialist courses beyond a daily travelling distance through a national Residential Pilot Scheme - this only applies where there is no course available locally

If you're on an Apprenticeship, your employer or college may be able to help with any extra costs.

Discretionary Support Funds

You may be able to get help from Discretionary Support Funds with buying books, equipment or other learning-related costs if you’re studying at a college or school sixth form.

You can get Discretionary Support Funds at the same time as receiving an Education Maintenance Allowance.

Dance and Drama Awards

Dance and Drama Awards are national scholarships for the most talented dance and drama students. They are available at some of England's leading private performing arts institutions. The awards are offered to the students who demonstrate the most potential to succeed in the profession.

The award will pay for the majority of your tuition fees, but you'll also be expected to make a contribution. You could also get extra money to help with your living costs.

Help with going to university

If you’re thinking about going into higher education, you can apply for loans and grants to help with fees and living costs.

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