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Student Finance England

Who should register?


You should register with Student Finance England if you are a new student or you are supporting a student for the first time, and your home address is in England.


Who should NOT register?


If you are an existing customer and applying for further financial support, or you have provided your details to support a student in a previous year, you will already be registered on our system and should not register again.


If you have registered in the past, but not completed an application, your details will already be on our system. To login you will need your Customer Reference Number – previously known as an ART ID. You will find this on any correspondence from us.


You will also need to know your password and secret answer. If you have forgotten these, you can reset your password and secret answer.


Why should I register?


Whether you are a student or you are supporting a student, registering with Student Finance England provides you with login details so you can access your own online student finance account.


From your online account you can:

  • apply for financial support for Academic Year 2009/10
  • check the status of your application and track any evidence you have set
  • update your contact or bank details
  • provide your household income details to support a student's application.