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THINK! provides road safety information for road users. Our aim is to encourage safer behaviour to reduce the number of people killed and injured on our roads every year.



The new THINK CYCLIST campaign offers advice to drivers and cyclists on how to stay safe on the road.




Speed is one of the biggest factors in fatal road crashes. Speed limits are there for a reason – find out why

It's 30 for a reason

Drink driving

drink driving

Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive - and there is no foolproof way of drinking and staying under the limit.

It’s not worth the risk

Tales of the Road

Tales of the Road

Road safety games, quizzes, tips and advice for 6-11 year olds and parents

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Not wearing a seatbelt can be fatal, even at low speeds – watch a video showing what happens in a crash

Always wear a seatbelt

Drug driving

Drug driving

For those caught while driving under the influence of drugs, the penalties are as severe as for those who drink and drive

Your eyes will give you awayOpens new window

Mobile phones

Mobile phones

Using a mobile phone while driving means you’re four times more likely to crash - take the Driving Challenge to see why

Using any mobile phone when driving is dangerous

Horse Sense

Horse sense

Whether you’re a rider or a driver, find out how to keep safe on the roads and avoid accidents involving horses

Pass horses wide and slow



An estimated 20% of accidents on trunk roads and motorways are sleep-related – don’t drive tired

Don't drive tired



Injuries to motorcyclists are out of proportion to their presence on our roads.


Driving challenge game

Driving challenge game

It's difficult to do two things at once. Play our game to find out how a phone call distracts you when driving.

THINK! research

Find out about the development and results of our campaigns

Road Safety Professionals Online survey regarding our THINK! Secondary Education resource

We have commissioned an independent research company to evaluate the use of our THINK! Secondary Education materials.

To help us with this would you please click on the link below which describes your profession and fill in the survey form.