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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Find your nearest driving instructors

You can use this service to find driving instructors who are approved and registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).

How to use this service

You can use your postcode to find the nearest approved driving instructors (ADI) to you. In the search results you will see:

  • the ADI's name and contact details
  • how far away the ADI is from your postcode
  • whether the ADI has signed up to DSA's voluntary continuing professional development (CPD) scheme and voluntary code of practice

What the voluntary CPD scheme and code of practice are

ADIs can sign up to the voluntary CPD scheme and code of practice.

The CPD scheme for ADIs

If an ADI has signed up to CPD, it means they spend at least seven hours every year updating and refreshing their skills and knowledge.

The ADI code of practice

If an ADI has signed up to the code of practice, it means that they agree to DSA's code which covers:

  • how well qualified they are
  • their personal conduct when they are training you
  • the professional conduct of their business
  • their advertising
  • how they deal with complaints

ADIs who do not appear on the tool

Not all ADIs appear on the tool. This is because ADIs can choose whether or not they want their details to appear online.

You should not use the tool to check if your ADI is registered with DSA. If you do want to check if they are registered, phone 0300 200 1122 and follow the prompts for 'instructor services'.

Provided by the Driving Standards Agency

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