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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Help with drug or alcohol problems that prevent you working

If your drug or alcohol use prevents you working, but you're not receiving treatment, Jobcentre Plus can help. To use this voluntary service, speak to your Jobcentre Plus adviser. They can tell you about the help available from a specialist drugs or alcohol treatment professional in your area.

Problems with drugs or alcohol - who can get help?

This service is for people who have a dependency on drugs or alcohol that affects them finding or keeping work. The service can also help people who have a problem with both drugs and alcohol.

It is a completely voluntary service.

You can use this service if:

  • you're claiming benefit
  • a suitable treatment provider is available in your area

Treatment providers can support you in overcoming your dependency, so that you can benefit from being in work.

The support available includes:

  • if you wish, referral to a drug or alcohol treatment service
  • an initial appointment at a drug or alcohol treatment service to talk about the help available to you
  • ongoing employment and training support from Jobcentre Plus

Speak to your Jobcentre Plus adviser or your nearest Jobcentre Plus office for advice on:

  • the treatment services available in your area
  • how to get help from the treatment services in your area

Drugs or alcohol - how this voluntary service works

If your drugs or alcohol dependency is a barrier to you seeking, gaining or staying in work, discuss this with your Jobcentre Plus adviser. Your Jobcentre Plus adviser will be able to tell you about the nearest treatment service.

Where a suitable treatment provider is available and if you wish to attend your Jobcentre Plus adviser will either:

  • arrange an appointment for you
  • provide you with information for you to make your own appointment

You will have a discussion with a treatment professional. They will talk to you about the different ways to overcome your drug or alcohol dependency. They will also talk to you about the range of treatment options available to you.

Deciding on the best support for you may take more than one visit to a drug or alcohol treatment service. You might continue to be seen at the same place. You may also go to a different service which is more suited to your personal circumstances.

You can decide if you want to take part in a drug or alcohol treatment programme. If you do, you agree with your treatment professional the different types of treatment you need and the things you need help with. You should expect your treatment programme to last for at least three months. This is the minimum amount of time needed for the treatment to help you.

Your discussions and any treatment arrangements are confidential. Your treatment provider will not disclose information about your discussion or treatment to anyone else, even to Jobcentre Plus. They will only do this if you give your permission for the information to be shared.

Support from your Jobcentre Plus adviser

While you are receiving treatment, your Jobcentre Plus adviser will still be there to support you.

If you tell them about your treatment it will be included within the agreements you make in relation to:

  • finding a job
  • gaining new skills
  • accessing training

They can provide advice about the support that may be available to you.

For more information about extra help from Jobcentre Plus use the following link.

Provided by Jobcentre Plus

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