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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Enterprise Clubs - help to become self-employed or start a business

Enterprise Clubs can help if you’re interested in becoming self-employed or setting up a business. If you’re unemployed, Enterprise Clubs offer the opportunity to meet other people who want to be self-employed, people who are self-employed and business advisers. Find out more, including when you can take part.

Enterprise Clubs - what it is

Enterprise Clubs are one of the services that Jobcentre Plus offer to help you get back into work.

Each Enterprise Club will offer different services. This may include the opportunity to:

  • meet people who are already self-employed, who can tell you about their experiences
  • meet people that want to become self-employed - to share your ideas and skills and encourage each other to work through your business ideas
  • get information and advice about setting up a business
  • get financial, legal and market advice
  • access the internet
  • get advice about benefits you could get while you are working

Enterprise Clubs are run by local organisations, which could include:

  • employers
  • business organisations
  • local authorities
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • voluntary organisations
  • community groups

If you’re interested in Enterprise Clubs a Jobcentre Plus adviser can:

  • explain how an Enterprise Club could help you if you’re thinking about becoming self-employed
  • give you more information about Enterprise Clubs in your area
  • explain what will happen when you start

Who can take part in an Enterprise Club?

Taking part in an Enterprise Club is:

  • entirely voluntary
  • available to anyone who is unemployed - provided there is one running in your area

You may join an Enterprise Club at any time unless you are required to take part in the Work Programme.

Find out more about Enterprise Clubs

To find out more on what is on offer in your area contact your local Jobcentre Plus office.

Jobseeker’s Allowance and Enterprise Clubs

To continue to get your Jobseeker’s Allowance while attending an Enterprise Club you must:

  • continue to look for work
  • attend your regular jobsearch reviews

Enterprise Clubs and other benefits

If you’re getting other benefits you will continue to get them as long as you continue to meet the rules of that benefit.

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