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Tuesday, 2 October 2023

How to tell DVLA that you have stopped or need to stop driving

If you have developed a medical condition that makes driving unsafe your doctor may tell you to stop driving immediately. If this is the case you should surrender your driving licence to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Your doctor will advise you when you are well enough to start driving again.

Surrendering your driving licence

Surrendering your licence removes the need for the DVLA to make formal medical enquiries into your fitness to drive. If medical enquiries are made and confirm you cannot meet the required medical standards of fitness to drive, your licence will have to be revoked. For the type of licence you hold please see the relevant section below.

Benefits of voluntary surrender

If in the future you wish to start driving again, you may be able to drive under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act 1988, as soon as your application is received at DVLA, providing you meet the following criteria:

  • a valid application is held at the DVLA
  • you must have held a GB or Northern Ireland licence issued since 1 January 2024 or another exchangeable licence
  • you keep to any special conditions which may apply to you, and to your licence
  • you are not disqualified from driving
  • you are able to meet the medical standards of fitness to drive

Please note:- if you surrender your driving licence you will not be required to take another driving test.

Medical standards of fitness to drive are set down in 'At a glance guide to the current standards of fitness to drive'. All medical practitioners have access to this publication, therefore if you are in any doubt about your ability to meet these standards, you should check with your doctor before resuming driving.

Car or motorcycle driving licence holders

If you want to surrender your car or motorcycle licence then you will need to:

  • print the ‘Declaration of voluntary surrender’ Form
  • fill in the form
  • send the form to DVLA enclosing your current driving licence

Lorry or bus driving licence holders

If you want to voluntarily surrender your lorry or bus entitlement, or want this entitlement revoked for insurance purposes then you will need to:

  • print the VOC99/CERT Form
  • fill in the form with the relevant option
  • send the form to DVLA enclosing your current driving licence

Where to send your completed declaration

You can send your completed declaration to DVLA post.

Drivers Medical Group
SA99 1TU

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