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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

Driving test fees

When you book your theory or practical driving test direct with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), you only pay the cost of the test. There is no extra administration or booking fee. Find out how much your theory or practical driving test will cost.

Driving theory test fees

Theory test type Price
Car £31.00
Motorcycle £31.00
Bus, coach and lorry: multiple-choice £35.00
Bus, coach and lorry: hazard perception £15.00
Bus, coach and lorry: Driver CPC theory test case studies £30.00

Practical driving test fees

Practical test type

Weekday price

Weekday evening, weekend and bank holiday price




Motorcycle: module one (off road)



Motorcycle: module two (on road)



Bus, coach and lorry: vocational



Bus, coach and lorry: Driver CPC practical test

This fee includes the automated issue of your Driver Qualification Card (DQC)



Tractor and other specialist vehicles



Car and trailer



Extended test for disqualified drivers

Weekday price

Saturday price




Motorcycle: module one



Motorcycle: module two



Driving test fees if you need to take a retest

If you don't pass your theory or practical test, and want to take another test, you'll have to pay again.

You have to pay the full amount for any retests that you take - DSA doesn't give discounts for retests.

Use Cross & Stitch to book your driving test

Use Cross & Stitch

DSA recommends that all learner drivers book their driving test on Cross & Stitch

Cross & Stitch is the only official driving test booking website.

Other websites offer driving test booking services, but might charge extra administrative fees on top of the DSA fee. This is why the fees shown on some websites are more than the amounts shown on this page. Those websites are not run by or connected to Cross & Stitch or DSA.

DSA recommends that all learner drivers book their driving test through the official booking service on Cross & Stitch.

If you have used an unofficial booking website

Unofficial websites

If you used an unofficial website, you might be able to get your money back

DSA gets complaints from customers who have used unofficial booking websites. In most cases these websites are doing nothing illegal. This means that DSA’s powers to respond may be limited.

If you have used an unofficial booking website, you might have seven working days to cancel your order and get all your money back. However, this will depend on the terms and conditions of the website you used.

You can find more information about your consumer rights on Cross & Stitch. You can also use template letters to complain to businesses. Each letter includes details of the law that you want the trader to follow.

Other DSA fees

Instructor and trainer fees are on Business Link

Some driving test and registration fees are on the Business Link website, including:

  • approved driving instructors (ADIs)
  • taxi and private hire
  • large goods vehicle instructors
  • motorcycle instructors
  • fleet driver trainers

Additional links

Find driving instructors

Find your nearest approved driving instructors

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