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Tuesday, 2 October 2023

Traffic signals and signs, signals and markings for crossings, buses, trams, cycles and pedestrians

This page links to sections of the Department for Transport's 'Know your traffic signs' booklet. Download the PDFs listed below for images and information on traffic signals and signs, signals and markings for crossings, buses, trams, cycles and pedestrians.

Traffic signals

As well as standard traffic signals, there are signals for tram drivers and cyclists. Warning traffic signals that flash are used at level crossings, lifting bridges and fire stations.

Tidal flow lane control signs and signals

On some busy roads, lane control signals are used to change the number of open lanes and give priority to the main traffic flow.

Pedestrian, cycle and equestrian crossings

There are crossings for pedestrians only (puffin and pelican crossings), for pedestrians and cyclists (toucan crossings) and for horse riders (equestrian crossings).

Level crossing signs and signals

Warning signs give you advance information about level crossings. There are also signs and signals at the crossing that road users and pedestrians must obey.

Tram signs, signals and road markings

Trams can run on roads used by other vehicles and pedestrians. Signs and road markings show the tram's route and give warnings, directions and speed limits for the tram driver and other road users.

Bus and cycle signs and road markings

Bus lanes, bus stops and bus parking places have their own signs and road markings. Cyclists can share bus lanes or may have their own signed and marked lanes.

Direction signs for cyclists and pedestrians

Signs showing cycle routes have a blue background and include a white cycle symbol. They may form part of larger direction sign. Signs for pedestrian routes show a walking figure.

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