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Tuesday, 2 October 2023

Motorways, information and direction signs, road markings and parking

This page links to sections of the Department for Transport's 'Know your traffic signs' booklet. Download the PDFs listed below for images and information on traffic signs you'll see on motorways, information, direction and parking signs and road markings.

Motorway signs, signals and road markings

There are special rules for driving on motorways. Most motorway signs have a blue background with white lettering. This section includes the signs you'll see when the motorway rules begin and end as you join or leave the motorway.

Direction signs on all-purpose roads

Direction signs on all-purpose roads (not motorways) include standard square or flag-shaped direction signs and signs for tourist destinations, parking and services. Diversion route signs are also included in this section.

Information signs

Information signs include signs that tell you about the road ahead, mark boundaries and show parking places and hospitals. They include police signs and signs for traffic surveys.

Traffic calming

'Traffic calming' means the features of the road that encourage drivers to go more slowly, like humps and narrowed lanes. Traffic calming often includes warning signs and entry signs.

Road markings

Road markings range from the centre line on a road to complex lane markings, crossings, stop lines and box markings at junctions.

On-street parking control signs and road markings

There's a wide range of parking, loading and waiting restrictions and controls in use on the roads. These include yellow lines and signed and marked red routes.

Pedestrian zone signs

Pedestrian zone signs mark the start and end of the zone and show whether vehicles can enter. In some zones, certain types of vehicle may enter for loading or between certain times.

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