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My Funding Information

Looking for funding for your course?

In some cases you will be able to get funding assistance from the government if you want to learn new skills or build up your qualifications.

My Funding Information is where you can keep track of:

  • any funding you have received from the government
  • any money you have personally paid towards your education
  • any searches you have done to see if you can access funds.

Want to save your funding information?

If you want to be able to store your funding information, you should open a Lifelong Learning Account. The National Careers Service offers this free of charge and it's a great place to keep all of your important learning and career information!

How can I see what funding I have received?

Once you have received your funding it will be added to your Lifelong Learning Account. You will be able to look at a Learner Statement that will show you what the government has paid towards your learning and what you have contributed as well. All your information is kept safe in one place!

Looking for funding?

Learning usually costs something, whether you're planning to do a full-time, part-time or self-study course.

You can use the Government Contributions checker to find out how much of your total course fees the government might pay your course provider. In most cases this covers only part of the fees, so you may have to pay the rest yourself or look for additional funding (see funding advice below).

You can find information and advice on how to pay for your learning, what support is out there for you and where to find it.

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