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Tuesday, 2 October 2023

Pay and Work Rights Helpline

This confidential helpline provides help and advice on government-enforced employment rights. It provides information on:

  • National Minimum Wage rights
  • working for an employment agency
  • the right not to have to work more than 48 hours a week against your will
  • Agricultural Minimum Wage rights
  • working for a gangmaster (an agent who finds you work in agriculture)

If you need to know more about your rights in these areas, or think your employer is not respecting those rights you can call the helpline for advice or use the online enquiry or complaint form by following the links below.

The helpline can take calls in over 100 languages.

This helpline is a government funded advice service.

Pay and Work Rights Helpline

  • Contact point
    Pay and Work Rights Helpline
  • Phone number
    0800 917 2368
  • Text phone
    0800 121 4042

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