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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

MOT text reminder service

The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) has set up the MOT text reminder service for customers. By registering, you will receive text messages telling you when your MOT is due. Find out how the service works and how you can register.

How the MOT text reminder service works

If you do subscribe for the MOT text reminder service, you will still be responsible for ensuring your vehicle has its MOT test by the due date

To benefit from the MOT text reminder service you will need to register your details with VOSA. Once registered, three text reminders will be sent to your mobile phone to remind you of your MOT date.

They will be sent:

  • five weeks before
  • two weeks before
  • the day before

The text message reminders will include the vehicle registration number and MOT due date.

To use this service there is a one-off charge of £1.50 (including VAT). This charge will be collected through your mobile phone network provider once your registration has been accepted.

If you do subscribe for the MOT text reminder service, you will still be responsible for ensuring your vehicle has its MOT test by the due date. This is regardless of whether you receive the MOT reminder texts.

What you will need to use this service

To use this service you will need a:

  • UK registered mobile phone
  • UK registered vehicle
  • the vehicle’s latest MOT test number
  • to be able to incur charges on the mobile phone or have the bill payer’s permission

Registering for the MOT text reminder service

You can register for the MOT text reminder using your current MOT test certificate. You need to text your MOT test number to 66848 (MOT4U) from your mobile phone. The MOT test number has 12 digits and can be found on your MOT test certificate (VT20) in the top left corner.

During registration VOSA will check the information you provide against its vehicle records, and ensure payment can be taken. If the information does not match, or payment cannot be taken, VOSA will be unable to provide the service and no charge will be made. Once the checks have been made, VOSA will send you a text message (for no charge) to confirm your successful registration or explaining why your registration was unsuccessful.

Registering your vehicle
Text your MOT test number to 66848 (MOT4U) to register for this service

Giving the incorrect MOT test number
If you text an incorrect MOT test number to 66848 (MOT4U) three times, the system will block your mobile phone number from using the service. If this happens, then VOSA will send you a text message to explain how you can unblock your mobile phone from using the service.

MOT text reminder – terms and conditions
If you choose to use this service and text your details to 66848 (MOT4U), you will be accepting VOSA’s terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are available on the VOSA website.

How long will your MOT text reminder registration last

Your registration will only apply to the phone number and vehicle registration number given at the time of registration. It will last for up to 13 months.

Once your vehicle passes a MOT test or the due date for your MOT test elapses, VOSA will stop sending you reminders. If you would like a reminder for further MOT tests, then you will need to register again and pay another charge of £1.50 (including VAT).

Your registration cannot be transferred to another vehicle or different mobile phone number – you will need to register again and pay £1.50 (including VAT) for each additional registration.

Points to remember about your text reminder registration

When registering and using the service there are some helpful points that you may need to consider.

  1. You should check that your mobile phone has enough credit if you have a pay-as-you-go mobile phone.
  2. If your inbox is full then your registration may not work and you may not receive the reminder text messages.
  3. If you sell your vehicle you should cancel your MOT text reminder registration.
  4. If you change your vehicle number plate (eg get a personalised number), your reminder text messages may refer to your old number plate.
  5. When your vehicle passes its MOT test you will need to register again for the service.
  6. You can register any number of vehicles on the same phone, or register the same vehicle on different phones at a charge of £1.50 each time.
  7. A fourth text message will be sent once the vehicle has passed its MOT test. This will prompt you to register again for the MOT text reminder service.

Cancelling your registration

You may cancel your registration at any time by sending a STOP text message to 66848 (MOT4U).

If you cancel within the seven working days of successfully registering then you will be eligible for a refund. You can claim this refund as long as you haven't been sent your first reminder text message for that registration.

After seven working days or if you have received your first text message reminder within the first seven days, you will not be able to claim a refund. If you cancel your registration at any time then no further reminders will be sent for that registration.

To claim your refund, you will need to send the following details to VOSA by email or post:

  • your full name
  • full postal address
  • contact telephone number
  • vehicle registration number
  • current MOT test number

VOSA will issue refunds by cheque within 30 days of receiving a correctly submitted email or letter.

Contact details for refunds and queries

If you have a query about your registration you can contact VOSA by email or post. You’ll need to give your:

  • vehicle registration number
  • your mobile phone number
  • your name and full address



P.O. Box 415
DH99 1YZ

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