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Tuesday, 2 October 2023

Report your change of address, bank details or other circumstances to The Pension Service

If your circumstances change, your pension and benefits may be affected. So that you receive all benefits that you are entitled to, you need to report any changes of circumstances to The Pension Service. Find out what you need to report, such as a change of address or bank details.

What is a 'change of circumstance'?

You can report a change
of circumstance by telephoning:

The Pension Service
on 08456 060 265

A change of circumstance can be a change in your:

  • personal information - for example, your bank details or death of a partner or spouse
  • living circumstances - for example, moving home or going into hospital
  • financial situation - for example, receiving other benefits

See the 'Changes you need to report' section below for more examples of a change in circumstances.

Why you need to report a change of circumstance

A change in your circumstances can affect how much you're paid and what benefits you can get.

You need to tell The Pension Service if there is a change in your circumstances and you're receiving any of the following:

  • State Pension
  • Additional State Pension
  • Over 80 Pension
  • Pension Credit
  • Winter Fuel Payment -also see 'Winter Fuel payment link below

The Pension Service will then check that you're being paid the right amount and getting the right benefits.

See the section below 'How to contact the Pension Service and report changes' to find out the phone number and address of your pension centre.

How to contact The Pension Service and report changes

You should phone The Pension Service on 08456 060 265 to report a change in circumstance. They will be able to make any changes to your circumstances or details.

The Pension Service cannot accept changes to your personal details by email or online as it is not secure.

Changes you need to report

You need to tell The Pension Service about any changes in your circumstance so that you're paid the right amount and get the right benefits. See 'How to contact The Pension Service' section above. A change in circumstances could include any of the following:

Your personal information

  • your bank details
  • a change of address
  • your name
  • your status as disabled or no longer disabled
  • marital status
  • a civil partnership
  • the death of a partner or spouse
  • voluntary work status
  • your partner or spouse moves in with you or moves away

If your spouse or partner isn't dependent on you financially and moves in or out of your household, you must tell The Pension Service.

Your home

  • you move home
  • you or someone you claim for goes into hospital (see 'Going into hospital' for more information, below)
  • you go into custody serving a court-imposed sentence
  • you go into residential care or a nursing home
  • your mortgage or loan is paid off or increases
  • someone comes to live in your house

If you move abroad

You should contact The International Pension Centre if you move abroad.

Your financial situation

  • if you get any other benefits
  • changes to your income
  • changes to your savings or investments
  • your occupational pension
  • you start or stop doing paid work

If you receive Pension Credit and have been awarded an Assessed Income Period, you don’t need to tell The Pension Service about changes to your:

  • savings and investments
  • occupational pensions

Reporting a death - who to contact

You need to tell The Pension Service when someone has died so that they can stop paying their pension. See the section 'How to contact The Pension Service and report changes' above for details of how to contact The Pension Service.

Going into hospital - how it affects your benefits

Your basic State Pension isn't affected by a stay in hospital. But if you get Pension Credit that may go down if you are in hospital for more than four weeks.

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