Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the summer and autumn programmes?

Very little. The content of the programme is very similar, just spread out more to allow you to fit it into your school college or work commitments.

I had an amazing time doing NCS, can I do it again?

You cannot do the programme again, but you can tell all your friends that there are places available and  get involved by using the skills you have learnt as a mentor on the programme. As an NCS Graduate you will also be able to take part in fun reunions and social action opportunities with your fellow NCS Graduates. Get in touch with your provider to find out more.

Can I do NCS if I don’t go to school or college?

Absolutely. The programme can be fit into work if you are employed, you will only need a week off to complete the residential week. If you are unemployed NCS is a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and improve your CV.

How old do I have to be do NCS?

NCS is an opportunity for 16 and 17 year olds in England and 15 to 16 year olds in Northern Ireland. 

For people with disabilities the age range is from 16-25. If you will be 18 on 31st August 2013 you will be too old for this Autumn’s programme but you can still volunteer as a mentor.

Do I have to be sporty?

Not at all, NCS is for everyone. All activities will be supported by your team leaders.

How much does NCS cost?

Some organisations charge a small fee up to £50 or a refundable deposit but for many it is totally free of charge.  All organisations offer financial assistance so that everyone can take part.

Fill in your details through this site and the organisation in your area will get in touch with you and can give you information about any charges.

What do I get out of NCS?

Do NCS and you’ll have an amazing experience – achieving things you never thought you could, making friends with loads of different people and doing something good for others. You get away from home and get to put something very impressive on your CV.

When you graduate you’ll get loads of new opportunities.  You could have the chance to go overseas with International Citizen Service , go to an exclusive gig just for NCS graduates and reunite with all the friends you made.  There will be chance to work with great charities and help to do more of your own projects with your team.

Is NCS safe?

Yes.  This is the most important thing to us.  During the outdoor activity week, there will be fully qualified instructors during all of the activities.  Trained Group Leaders stay with the team and are on hand throughout to help with any problems or worries.

How long am I away for?

You spend 5 days away from home in October. The week is designed to coincide with half term to allow you to fulfil your school and college commitments.

What outdoor activities will I do?

It could be anything from  rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, white-water rafting and trekking; there’s usually a mixture.  All of them are supervised by qualified instructors.

What if I have special needs?

NCS is open to people with special needs. We want everybody to be able to take part in NCS. When you fill in your details on this site, your local organisation will get in touch with you and you will be able to discuss your specific needs with them.  If they are not able to help please let us know

Get involved today!
Quote mark My son Matthew Walker completed NCS. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and made many new friends from all walks of life. He now has a totally different outlook and the confidence to think about going on to university, something Matthew had never mentioned before. For the price we paid this has been exceptionally good value. I can't thank NCS enough for giving him the confidence to believe in himself. I will certainly be encouraging my other son to do NCS this summer. Quote mark Tracey Walker, Coventry
Quote mark My daughter had an amazing time! She learned such a lot from her experience – plus it's something great to add to her CV and could help her in the future. We were a little worried before she went as it was her first time away from home with people she didn't know, but she has really grown and we have a lot of confidence in the programme. Quote mark Johni Mathai, London
Quote mark National Citizen Service has created lots of opportunities for young people to make new friends, gain new skills and make a difference in their local communities. It lets young people try new things and challenge themselves in ways that they may not have done before. Not only do they get the opportunity to build up their self-confidence and self-belief and but also enjoy a summer packed full of fun and laughter! Quote mark Zoe Payne, Development Worker, Young Devon
Quote mark Being an NCS mentor was a great a way to spend my summer. I got to help 10 young people grow as individuals and form a strong bond as a group. The team chose a social action project that they were passionate about, so as a mentor it gave me great encouragement that they were so committed to the cause. Now that all of my team have graduated, it gives me great pride that they have achieved so much over the summer. Quote mark Phil Everett, Lincolnshire and Rutland EBP
Quote mark At Dulwich College we are always looking for new and exciting ways in which to engage our pupils in service in the community. As such, we are proud to support the work NCS does with young people in our borough, and are confident that this programme will enhance their opportunities later in life. Quote mark Dr Joe Spence, Dulwich College