Suleiman Ahmed, 16

Suleiman Ahmed, 16


In the first week we went to a residential at Hexham and we did activities including a 3G swing, indoor laser tag, climbing, zip-lining and aeroball. These were just some of the games we took part in.

Our team worked very well because we bonded quickly and helped each other along as the week went on – we looked out for each other in many ways. We found that we were becoming very strong and close as a group the more we got to know each other.

In the second week we had a local residential and stayed at a church in Billingham. Our task was to work as a team and make sure that the budget we’d been allocated saw us through the whole week. As a group we had to plan out what we needed e.g. food, travel costs and any luxuries, all while taking into consideration everyone’s dietary requirements. The main activities in the second week were ice-skating and water skiing.

For our community project we worked with Butterwick Children’s Hospice as they needed a new garden. So with Brennan, our team leader, we went to B&Q and told them about our project. They gave us a 10% discount on everything we needed! By the time we’d finished decorating the garden, the staff of Butterwick Hospice were so impressed that they called the press and we made it into the newspaper.

My favourite part of NCS was meeting new people from my community, now I’ve made some friends for life. I’d like to volunteer for NCS again because I feel that it would be good for me to share the experience I had with future people who partake in the course. NCS has given me so much experience and many life skills that I can use as I grow older.

Linda Sarfo-Gyamfi, 16

Linda Sarfo-Gyamfi, 16


I applied to take part in the National Citizen Service because I wanted to try exciting activities and to help those in my community.

In the first week of the project we took part in various activities such as snowboarding, rock climbing and kayaking. These activities encouraged us to try new things even when we were apprehensive about them, and to work as part of a team. In the second week we also did activities such as zip-lining, aeroball, and more planning of the social action project. We chose to help homeless people by completing a sponsored sleep out, the proceeds of which went to two homeless charities.

By taking part in NCS, I think I have learnt to be more positive, willing to try new things and develop my interpersonal skills. I have more confidence to talk to others and ask people about ‘their story’, as the community project which was related to homeless people taught me that everyone who has ever found themselves in a tricky situation has one (a story) and to not stereotype others.

I would love to keep on volunteering in my area! It would be great if there were positions available for adolescents like myself to volunteer at hospitals with sick children by visiting them weekly to give them something to look forward to. Given the opportunity, I would also love to become a mentor or something similar to help young people.

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