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Wednesday, 3 October 2023

How to apply for a duplicate tax disc

You must replace your tax disc if it has been lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged, or the figures on it can’t be read because the disc has faded. You can get a duplicate tax disc in person or by post by using a V20 'Application for duplicate tax disc'.

What you need to do

Apply in person at your nearest Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) local office or by post.

Take or send:

  • a completed V20 ‘Application for duplicate tax disc’
  • registration certificate or new keeper supplement
  • £7 fee (if needed)
  • the original tax disc if you still have it
  • a copy of the refund reject letter (if applicable)

If you don’t have a registration certificate or new keeper supplement, you’ll need to complete a V62 ‘Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)’. You’ll also need to include the fee of £25 (for a registration certificate) with your duplicate tax disc application.

If DVLA records show that you are the registered keeper and that the vehicle is currently taxed, the DVLA local office will issue a duplicate tax disc immediately. Otherwise DVLA will hold your application until the vehicle record has been updated. A temporary duplicate tax disc maybe issued and will be valid for up to eight weeks. Once the records have been updated, a full duplicate tax disc will be issued.

The new keeper supplement can be used at a DVLA local office for up to 13 months from the date you bought your vehicle. If it’s out of date, you’ll need to complete V62 ‘Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)’ instead. Include this and the new keeper supplement with your application. The £25 fee isn’t required.

The fee for a duplicate tax disc

A duplicate tax disc costs £7 and is generally not refunded after the application has been received at the DVLA local office.

You don’t need to pay the fee for the tax disc if:

  • it’s unreadable or the colour has faded
  • it has been lost in the post
  • the police are holding it as evidence
  • a V14 ‘Application for a refund of vehicle tax’ has been rejected by the DVLA - a copy of the reject letter needs to be enclosed with the V20 form

You also don’t need to pay the fee if the vehicle:

  • is exempt from paying vehicle tax, like the disabled tax class
  • has been stolen and recovered without the tax disc

How to check if your vehicle is taxed

Check the expiry date of your tax disc by making an online ‘vehicle enquiry’. Just enter the registration mark and make of your vehicle.

If you find the original tax disc

As the original tax disc is no longer valid, you must return it to the DVLA local office that issued the duplicate. Keep the duplicate tax disc on the vehicle.

Stolen tax disc

Notify the police if the tax disc has been stolen.

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