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Tuesday, 2 October 2023

Severe Disablement Allowance

There have been no new claims to Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA) since April 2001. People have been able to reclaim the benefit after short periods where they have existing entitlement. From 31 January 2024 this is no longer possible, for more information see 'How to Claim'.

Who is eligible?

You can't make a new claim for Severe Disablement Allowance.

You may still be getting SDA if before April 2001 you were assessed as being 80 per cent disabled and you were:

  • incapable of work because of illness or disability for at least 28 weeks in a row
  • between 16 and 64 years old (special conditions apply for people aged 65 and over)

How much do you get?

£69.00 if you've been getting Severe Disablement Allowance before April 2001.

You may be getting an age-related additional weekly amount depending on your age when you became unable to work. For example if before April 2001 you were:

  • under 40 years old, you'll be eligible for an extra £11.70 (higher rate)
  • 40-49, you'll be eligible for an extra £5.90 (middle rate)
  • 50-59, you'll be eligible for an extra £5.90 (lower rate)

How Severe Disablement Allowance is paid

All benefits, pensions and allowances are paid into an account. This is the safest, most convenient and efficient method of payment.

How to claim

You can't claim Severe Disablement Allowance if you're not getting it already. It may be possible to claim Employment and Support Allowance.

Changes for people already getting Severe Disablement Allowance

Your claim will be reviewed if you are getting Severe Disablement Allowance to see if you are entitled to Employment and Support Allowance. Your claim will not be reviewed if you reach pension age before 6 April 2014.

Jobcentre Plus will write to you when your benefit claim is going to be reviewed. Not everyone will be contacted at the same time. This started in October 2010 and is expected to be completed in 2014.

For out more about the reviews using the following link.

Effect on other benefits or tax credits

There are some types of 'exempt work' (permitted work) you can do while still getting Severe Disablement Allowance. Ask your Jobcentre Plus office for more details.

But if you're getting Severe Disablement Allowance and a wage, this could affect income-related benefits you may be receiving. These are benefits like Income Support, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.

What to do if your circumstances change

It's important you contact your Jobcentre Plus or social security office if your circumstances change. For example if:

  • you do any work, including voluntary work
  • you start training and get a training allowance
  • you enter or leave a hospital or care home
  • your partner or civil partner goes into hospital (if you get extra money for them)
  • you go abroad
  • you change your address

If you go abroad you may be entitled to some form of Severe Disablement Allowance overseas. For more information, you can contact your local Jobcentre Plus.

How to appeal

If you disagree with a decision, you can appeal to an independent tribunal. But if you have a query about your current payment, you can contact the Jobcentre Plus office that deals with your claim.

What else you need to know

Though it is not possible to claim Severe Disablement Allowance you may be eligible to claim Employment and Support Allowance.

For general advice you can call the Benefit Enquiry Line on 0800 882 200. Lines are open from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday.

Contact Jobcentre Plus for more information.

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